Norton Removal Tool (Norton Removal Tool)

Norton Remove and Reinstall removes most Norton Products from your system, plus it downloads the latest version of you Norton product, and reinstalls the latest version of your Norton security product. If you already have the latest version of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, or Norton 360, the Norton Remove & Reinstall tool reinstalls the same version of the Norton security product on your computer.

Norton Remove and Reinstall should be used only if you have tried to uninstall the Norton program using Windows Add/Remove Programs and that did not work.

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How to Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal and Request Refund?

Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal – In order to protect your device form all kinds of threat, you can enable the Automatic Renewal for your Norton Subscription. By doing this, your Norton Subscription will automatically get renewed when it will come near to the expiration date.

However, many users like to keep this message turned off. This is due to that fact that they want to controls in their hands.

With, you can easily Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal. For that, you can check this article to customize your Norton Subscription the way you like. Also, feel free to get in touch with the Norton Support in case of any issue with Norton Security.

Steps To Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal

Follow these steps to Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal, make sure you have your Norton Account credentials to follow the steps:

  • Make sure your internet is working perfectly and then launch a web browser of your choice.
  • After that go to on your web browser.
  • On the web page appeared on your screen, click on Sign In button at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You will be redirected to the Norton Sign In page on your device.
  • Here enter your Norton Account credentials such as username and password in the given blank.
  • Finally, click on the Sign In button on your screen. Make sure you are signing in to the Norton Account, using which you have purchased the Norton Product.
  • Finally, go to the Subscription tab of your Account.
  • From the list, click on the subscription and then you will see a button to turn off the Auto Renewal.
  • Click on this button and it will Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal.
  • Save the settings and now you can sign out of the Norton Account.

Note that, after you have turned off the auto-renewal, your device will be presented to threats after the expiration of your current subscription.

In case you are facing any issue with the Product, feel free to contact the Norton Support.

Request Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal Refund

In case you are charged because the auto-renewal service was turned on. And now you do not want the services. Then you can simply request for a refund.

The refund of the money depends on the terms and conditions of the Norton. And to get more details related to the same, refer to the terms and conditions of Norton Security.

Also, contact the Norton Support to get details of the process related to Cancelation of Norton Auto-Renewal and its Refund.

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Here is a list of similar error faced by Norton users related to “Cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal”. If you are also having similar issues then feel free to contact the Norton Support. Get to the and the required assistance.

3 Easy Ways to Download Books to your Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is very similar to the iPad, and the device is mostly known for reading books. Among this, it is also be used to play music or watch movies, browse the net, and many more. There are numerous methods to download books to your Kindle Fire, but some of the easiest methods are given here.

Three simple ways to downloads books to your Kindle Fire are:

1.    By using Amazon Store of your Kindle Fire.

2.    By using the Amazon Store on your PC.

3.    By using Third party sites.

To download books through Amazon Store of your Kindle Fire

Before everything make sure to connect your Kindle Fire with Wi-Fi. After this, use these stepwise guidelines:

1.    Navigate to your device ‘Home Menu’.

2.    And, tap on ‘Books’ from the above tabs menu. Opening Books menu will open the Bookshelf screen, and here you can view all of your books including downloaded and received.

3.    Now go to ‘Store’. A Cart icon with Store written on it near the top-right corner of your Kindle screen. This will take you to the Kindle BookStore.

4.    Look through the books.

You can also ‘Search’ for a specific book or author or for a free book into the Search box.

5.    Click on a ‘Book’ to view more details about it, like Price, rating & review, cover, description, etc.

6.    Click ‘Buy’ button of the book to download it on your Kindle Fire.

7.    Enter your ‘Account details’, when asked.

8.    Wait until the downloading your book finishes.

9.    Once it completes, ‘Read Now’ option will start appearing on the books details page.

10.    Tap on ‘Read Now’ button to open and read your new book.


•    If any book is available for rent then ‘Rent Now’ option will appear on it. You can rent that book by a simple click. Amazon Prime member can borrow a book for free.

•    Trying a sample of any product is a good way to check the product, so if you want to view the sample of the book then select ‘Try a Sample’ option.

To download the book through Amazon Store on PC

1.    Go to Amazon’s Website with your Computer’s browser.

2.    Go to ‘sign in’ options and complete the sign in process. Your Amazon account’s username and password will be required for SignIn.

If you’ve already visited the site before and logged in with your account, then you may not need to sign in.

3.    Search for the book through the search bar.

Or select ‘Kindle’ from the top of the Amazon homepage and browse through the categories.

4.    Click on a ‘Book’ to view more details about it, like Price, rating & review, cover, description, etc.

5.    Now, click on ‘Deliver to’ option to choose your Kindle Fire device. ‘Deliver to’ button is near the upper-right side of the screen.

6.    Click ‘Buy’ button to buy the book and deliver it to your Kindle device.

7.    Open your Kindle Fire.

8.    Go to ‘Books’ tab to open library, then find your new book in the BOOKS LIBRARY.

9.    Click on ‘New book’ to view downloading progress. Once it completes, you can read and enjoy your new book. You can also use third-party sites to download books and use it on your Kindle Fire. For this, download books on your PC > connect your Kindle Fire with your PC and > Copy/Move them to your Kindle Fire.

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